Our Veterans
Rich Madaleno appreciates and honors the tremendous sacrifices and contributions made by our veterans.  He will continue to take strong action to support them and provide for employment and educational opportunities for our veterans.
Rich will support programs to help provide start up funds and low-interest loans for veterans’ businesses, including those using high technology.

Our Veterans

He will also encourage programs which recognize the skills and talents of veterans and programs to assist veteran-owned businesses become certified for federal and state contracts.

Our Veterans

He will support programs to provide mental health and other health care and support services for veterans.
Rich Madaleno has a strong record of supporting veterans, their educational, health, employment and social needs.

Rich co-sponsored the law which provides a tax credit to small businesses that hire qualified veterans and the law which requires that the Maryland state agencies give credit to veterans’ relevant training and education in reviewing applications for licences and certifications.

Rich co-sponsored the bond bill which resulted in state funding for construction of a retreat for wounded veterans and their families on the Eastern shore. RIch co-sponsored a bond bill to fund construction at the Writer’s Center in Montgomery County which offers writing programs, including one specifically designed for veterans.

Rich co-sponsored laws creating and extending scholarships for postsecondary education for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. He also co-sponsored the law extending the time for veterans to qualify for in-state tuition at community colleges or four-year institutions.

Rich supports the existing state tax exemption for the retirement income of veterans over age 65 and in 2018 co-sponsored the new law which increases the amount of that state tax exemption. He also co-sponsored this year’s new law that allows widows or widowers of retired service members to receive a property tax credit for veterans.