Civil Rights and Social Justice
The critical leader who made the freedom to marry a reality in Maryland, Rich will continue to fight for the civil rights of all Marylanders.
Rich Madaleno has effectively crusaded for civil rights and social justice for decades.

Civil Rights and Social Justice

To fight sexual harassment and assault, Rich will establish a State Commission on Sexual Harassment to determine best practices to prevent harassment and to make recommendations as to how in Maryland we can more aggressively fight to eradicate the pervasive problem of sexual harassment and assault, especially in the workplace.

Civil Rights and Social Justice

Rich will set the tone at the top as a strong and effective leader who will stand up against racism, bigotry, harassment and discrimination.
Whether the fight for freedom to marry or to combat discrimination in housing and employment, Rich has long stood up for equal rights and has a progressive record of achievement in human rights, criminal justice, voting rights and social justice.

Rich led the fight for the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples in Maryland.  His legislative work moved forward our historic law which guarantees that two persons who choose to marry may do so in our state.  Rich’s leadership and advocacy was critical to voter approval of this law in a statewide referendum.

Rich has spoken out and stood up against discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity and other arbitrary classifications.  He sponsored the law prohibiting discrimination in public accommodations, housing and employment based on gender identity, and co-sponsored the law requiring equal pay for equal work. He co-sponsored the law requiring insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization for same sex couples. Rich co-sponsored the law requiring that police collect and report on data on race-based traffic stops.

  • Rich supports evenhanded application of the law, humane treatment of offenders and appropriate measures to protect public safety. He co-sponsored the law requiring the development of policies for police use of body cameras. He co-sponsored the law repealing the death penalty in Maryland. He co-sponsored laws to ensure appropriate care of pregnant inmates.  Rich sponsored the law permitting ex-felons to apply for food stamps. He supports extending voting rights to ex-felons, and as Senator joined his colleagues to override the veto of this law by Larry Hogan. Rich co-sponsored Noah’s law which expanded the circumstances in which the Ignition Interlock System is required to be used by those convicted of drunk driving. He co-sponsored the law prohibiting intentional infliction of physical injury to first responders.

Rich understands that those with special needs deserve the opportunity to fulfill their individual potential and has championed the rights of people with disabilities. He co-sponsored the ABLE law which creates tax-favored financial savings accounts to pay qualified expenses and to supplement benefits for those with disabilities. He co-sponsored bills to mandate funding for those with developmental disabilities.  He put forward state bond funding to build and improve appropriate facilities for those with disabilities. He supported the elimination of the subminimum wage for those with disabilities.

When the Republicans in Congress threatened to terminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood in 2017, Rich Madaleno led the fight and sponsored the law that ensures that the broad range of health care services provided by Planned Parenthood clinics to women in communities across Maryland will continue to be funded.  Rich co-sponsored the law that expands sexual assault crisis programs and funds uses of sexual assault evidence kits and co-sponsored the law requiring that all schools receiving public funding adopt policies against bullying and harassment including sexual harassment. He co-sponsored the law requiring that feminine products be available to homeless girls and women and the law to require expanded services to victims of sexual assault. He co-sponsored the bill establishing a Domestic Violence Prevention Task Force to make recommendations on ways to prevent domestic violence. He co-sponsored the law ensuring insurance coverage in Maryland for prescription contraceptive drugs and devices. He also co-sponsored a bill to prohibit additional types of human trafficking and to create a victim’s fund.

Rich has worked to protect the rights of Maryland consumers.  He co-sponsored the law creating the Maryland Financial Consumer Protection Commission to assess impacts to Maryland consumers of changes to federal financial laws and to make recommendations regarding consumer financial transactions. Rich co-sponsored a bill making the sale or transfer of consumer information for commercial purposes an unfair or deceptive trade practice.

Rich has promoted voter registration and worked to make voting accessible in Maryland.  He co-sponsored the bill which allows Counties to enact public financing for County elections.  He co-sponsored the law to increase the number of early voting centers and fought back against Hogan appointees to ensure that those centers were not eliminated by the Hogan administration in populous parts of Montgomery County.  He co-sponsored a bill to provide for universal voter registration at the MVA and other social service agencies.

Health care is a human right. Rich believes it is important to address the causes of health care disparities and provide preventive health care, as well as to provide access to good health care.  Rich supports universal coverage, with a state public option as the first step in that process.

Rich has a proven record of tackling educational challenges and has taken critical action to build high-quality, affordable public education.  A leader on education in the General Assembly,  Rich’s initiatives have improved education for all students in the state, from Pre-K through 12 and beyond to college and graduate studies.