Preventing Gun Violence
Rich Madaleno is a strong advocate of gun violence prevention measures.  Recognizing the urgent need to fully enforce and strengthen Maryland’s firearm laws, he will fully implement and enforce laws to require background checks for all gun sales, and close dangerous loopholes, in order to protect public safety.  Rich will work for the enactment and enforcement of legislation to prevent those who have committed domestic abuse from purchasing guns and to require those convicted of these crimes to surrender their guns upon conviction.
Rich will oppose Republican congressional efforts to undermine Maryland’s gun laws to require reciprocity for other states’ concealed carry laws.

Preventing Gun Violence

Rich fully supports and will fight to enact the bill banning the sale of bump stocks and other accessory devices, which are used to accelerate the firing of automatic weapons.

Preventing Gun Violence

He will support measures to better trace guns used in crimes to determine how and where guns are diverted to the underground market in order to keep dangerous firearms off our streets. These measures will not impact those who lawfully use their weapons for recreation.
Rich Madaleno has been a strong advocate for laws to prevent gun violence. He has been an effective leader who has achieved strong results in enacting sensible gun laws to prevent gun violence.

Rich co-sponsored Maryland’s Firearms Safety Act of 2013 which banned assault weapons and high capacity magazines for firearms. The Supreme Court let stand the federal court decision upholding this law.  This year he fought for the new law  that closes a loophole in the assault weapons ban by prohibiting the manufacture or sale of bump stocks.

Rich co-sponsored bills to prohibit transfers of rifles or shotguns to potential purchasers unless background checks are completed.

Rich co-sponsored a bill to require notification to those convicted of “crimes of violence” that they are prohibited from possessing firearms, rifles or shotguns upon conviction. Rich fought for this year’s successful legislation to ensure that those convicted of domestic abuse crimes surrender their firearms upon conviction and be notified that they may not possess or own firearms.

Rich co-sponsored a bill to prohibit carrying or possessing firearms at Maryland public institutions of higher education.  He also co-sponsored a bill prohibiting carrying or possessing firearms at private schools. He co-sponsored the Maryland Safe to Learn Act of 2018 to ensure students are safe from violence at school.