diverse and vibrant population
Maryland is home to a diverse and vibrant population of different backgrounds and from numerous countries who work in and contribute to towns, communities, cities and counties throughout our state. Rich Madaleno wants to ensure that our hard-working immigrants have the opportunity to thrive in our state. 
 Rich believes that those who lawfully seek refuge here should be welcomed as members of our community.

diverse and vibrant population

In order to protect public safety, Rich will ensure that we maintain strong relationships and trust between our police and our communities so that residents feel safe and work cooperatively with law enforcement, including by reporting crime and information vital to public safety.

diverse and vibrant population

Rich will not let federal enforcement interfere with those relationships which benefit both our communities and local law enforcement. Rich will establish a program to assist naturalization-eligible Maryland residents finance their applications for naturalization with short-term, no-interest loans. Rich will work to ensure affordable, high quality health care for all Maryland residents.
Rich Madaleno has long advocated for programs and policies to support immigrants in Maryland.  He has worked to ensure that immigrants have good opportunities for education and have support in local communities, an effective way to build strong communities and a vibrant state economy.  

As State Senator, Rich Madaleno co-sponsored Maryland’s DREAM Act which provides that eligible students who reside in Maryland but do not have evidence of immigration status, may qualify for in-state tuition at Maryland community colleges.   This law was affirmed by Maryland voters in a statewide referendum.  The DREAM Act has provided an opportunity for Maryland students to pursue the American Dream.  Rich has also supported state funding for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) at community colleges and for community centers to provide educational support for immigrants.

When the President imposed a sweeping ban on travel by persons from certain Muslim nations, Rich opposed this travel ban. He supported the Attorney General’s efforts to stop the ban.  When Larry Hogan refused to authorize a lawsuit by the Maryland Attorney General to stop the discriminatory ban from going into effect, Rich Madaleno co-sponsored the law that allows the Attorney General to bring actions in the best interests of Maryland without the Governor’s approval.

Rich Madaleno has been a co-sponsor and active champion of the TRUST legislation to assure ongoing trust between immigrant communities and local police.  This legislation would bar local police from stopping persons to inquire about federal immigration violations or holding immigrants based on a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) request.  He understands that local public safety is and should remain the key priority of local law enforcement personnel, and that it is counterproductive to ask them to take on these federal responsibilities.  To protect local public safety agencies and communities from punishment for this approach, Rich added a provision to the Maryland state budget which allows the Governor to provide funds to local public safety agencies should this position result in a loss of federal funds.

Rich supports affordable, high quality health care for all Marylanders, including immigrants.  He co-sponsored the law that required the provision of health care for immigrant children and pregnant immigrants.