Health Care is a Human Right
Rich Madaleno is committed to ensuring that all Marylanders have access to affordable, high-quality health care.  Health care is a human right. Rich believes it is important to address the causes of health care disparities and provide preventive health care, as well as to provide access to good health care.  Rich supports universal coverage, with a state public option, as the first step in that process.

In light of recent repeated efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Rich will be the strong leader Maryland needs to protect health care coverage, stability and affordability.

He will work to assure that drugs are affordable and to prevent price gouging by drug companies selling products in Maryland.

Rich will implement additional, critical prevention and treatment measures to stem the opioid overdose crisis in Maryland that has already taken too many lives.

Health Care is a Human Right

He will implement of stronger addiction prevention measures, such as medical profession and student education and training in non-opioid alternative pain management treatment options, how to identify substance use disorders, and how to get their patients help. With the leadership of a new Director of Recovery, he will build a more comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and recovery support system with additional evidence-based treatment and crisis response programs, as well as outreach teams in local communities and additional certified peer recovery specialists to support patients and to assist with connections to housing, transportation, and employment.

Health Care is a Human Right

He will work to ensure access to both mental health and substance use disorder services. He will take steps to make sure that private and public insurance coverage is in compliance with the laws which require coverage for mental health and substance abuse disorders. He will help people who are incarcerated have greater access to substance use disorder and mental health treatment and when released, be able to continue that treatment through prompt presumptive eligibility for Medicaid and connection to community-based treatment. RIch will fight to eradicate the root causes of this crisis, including the stigma that keeps people from treatment and successful long-term recovery.
Madaleno Record
In the General Assembly Rich co-sponsored the law implementing the Affordable Care Act in Maryland to ensure the broadest possible coverage and the best possible care for Maryland patients.  He has also taken action to address the opioid crisis in our state by supporting measures to ensure fast and effective treatment services for persons impacted by addiction.  
He has been the key advocate for women’s health services as sponsor of the successful 2017 law to maintain funding in Maryland for Planned Parenthood if the federal government terminates its funding. Rich co-sponsored the 2017 law that prevents price gouging by generic drug manufacturers in Maryland. Rich Madaleno has successfully championed initiatives to promote better public health for all Maryland residents.

Rich has been a leader in working to combat Maryland’s serious opioid crisis. In the General Assembly he has supported action to stop opioid use disorder and pushed for fast, effective patient treatments, including medication assisted treatment.  He co-sponsored a law that requires insurance coverage parity for those with substance use disorders. He has sponsored bills to allow the prompt use of lifesaving drugs to counteract overdoses.  And he will fight to eradicate the root causes of a crisis that has already taken too many lives.

When the Republicans in Congress threatened to terminate all federal funding for Planned Parenthood in 2017, Rich Madaleno stepped in to sponsor successful legislation to ensure that the broad range of health care services provided by Planned Parenthood clinics to women and men in communities across Maryland will continue to be funded. He understands that for many in Maryland these clinics are a key source of primary health care, including cancer screening and preventive health as well as family planning services. Access to these essential health care services is now protected in Maryland.  Rich has also co-sponsored the law requiring better coverage of access to contraceptives.

Rich has worked hard to improve the availability of quality health care.  He has co-sponsored laws which support the use of telehealth services.  He also supports requiring minimum nurse to patient ratios in acute care settings so that nurses can provide high quality care to all their patients. He co-sponsored the law establishing a Newborn Screening Fund to cover many of the costs associated with newborn screenings for certain hereditary diseases. He co-sponsored a law providing insurance coverage and financial protection for various types of cancer treatments, and the law that requires insurance carriers to provide coverage for preventive care.

Rich has been an advocate for providing quality mental health services and parity in coverage for these critical services.  He co-sponsored the law requiring full compliance in Maryland with national mental health parity coverage standards.  He sponsored a law expanding the types of behavioral health services available in communities, including through use of crisis community centers, and requiring collection of data regarding behavioral health calls and occurrences.

In recent years generic drug companies have significantly increased drug prices for many critical generic drugs. To address this serious affordability concern, Rich co-sponsored successful legislation in 2017 which prohibits price gouging by manufacturers or wholesale distributors in the sale of essential generic drugs in Maryland. Rich also co-sponsored a law to provide Rx payment assistance to the elderly.

Rich has supported sensible measures to enhance and promote public health.  He co-sponsored the law banning the sale of child care products such as baby bottles that contain the harmful chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) and the law banning lead-containing children’s products.  He sponsored the law mandating notices to parents of children with disabilities of access to habilitative services.

Rich understands that those with special needs deserve the opportunity to fulfill their individual potential and has championed the rights of people with disabilities. He co-sponsored the ABLE law which creates tax-favored financial savings accounts to pay qualified expenses and to supplement benefits for those with disabilities. He co-sponsored bills to mandate funding for those with developmental disabilities.  He put forward state bond funding to build and improve appropriate facilities for those with disabilities.