protecting our environment
Rich Madaleno will protect Maryland’s abundant natural resources, from the Eastern Shore to Western Maryland, and believes that protecting our environment enhances the state’s long-term economic interests.  He will reduce harmful emissions and increase our reliance on renewable energy sources. 
Rich will engage in regional cooperative efforts with our neighboring states of Virginia and Pennsylvania to improve water quality and the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its oyster and crab population. 

Protecting Our Environment

His administration will gather and analyze the data on air quality and emissions near chicken factories so that public health impacts can be assessed and addressed. He will join other states in the Multi-State Climate Alliance to fight climate change as a result of the President’s withdrawal of the United States from the Paris agreement.

Protecting Our Environment

Rich will push to increase the renewable energy portfolio standard, so that 50% of the state’s energy in Maryland will come from renewable sources by 2030. Just as he led the successful fight to ban fracking in Maryland, he will also deny permission to build pipelines in Maryland which could jeopardize the water supply.
From his achievements in securing reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in Maryland to his commitment and work to restore funding to protect our treasured Chesapeake Bay, Rich has taken stands to protect our local environment and make Maryland a leader in environmental progress.

When the Trump administration proposed eliminating funding for programs to protect the health of the Chesapeake Bay, Rich worked with our state’s Congressional delegation to lead efforts to restore federal funding for these programs which are so vital to a healthy, clean bay and successful state economy. Rich co-sponsored legislation to require funding of the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays 2010 Trust Fund, which pays for projects to restore and improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its watersheds, to improve water quality and to control water pollution.

Rich understands that rising global temperatures and sea level have significant consequences for Maryland, including loss of coastal land and changing weather patterns that impact us all, including our farmers.  To combat the increasing health, environmental and economic repercussions of climate change, Rich co-sponsored legislation to ensure that meaningful greenhouse gas reduction targets are met in the State.  Most recently, he co-sponsored the new state law which requires a 40% reduction by 2030 in greenhouse gas emissions in Maryland from 2006 levels, building on his previous co-sponsorship of the 2009 law requiring the 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2006 levels by 2020.  Rich co-sponsored the law that establishes the Commission on Climate Change which will recommend ways to mitigate the effects of, prepare for and adapt to climate change.

Rich supports continued expansion of the use of renewable energy in Maryland.  He endorses an increase in the current renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS) so that 50% of the state’s energy in Maryland will come from renewable sources by 2030.  Rich co-sponsored the law, approved over Governor Hogan’s veto, which increases the renewable energy portfolio standard to 25% by 2020,  increases solar sources in that portfolio and requires that the Maryland Department of Labor study workforce training needed to support jobs in the clean energy industry. He also co-sponsored the law requiring that offshore wind be included in the renewable energy portfolio.

In order to protect Maryland’s treasured natural resources and in order to protect and promote public safety, Rich led the fight to ban fracking in Maryland. He co-sponsored and successfully advocated for this law that prohibits hydraulic fracturing exploration and production, including fracking, in our state.

Along with the support of increased use of renewable energy, Rich Madaleno supports the development of innovative, new, environmentally-friendly technologies to meet our energy needs.  He sponsored a bill to provide a renewable energy state income tax credit to spur the development of renewable energy businesses, such as solar, wind and geothermal. He co-sponsored the law requiring the establishment of a Community Solar Energy Generating System program. He co-sponsored laws enacted to increase tax credits for electric vehicles and to provide for tax credits for electric vehicle recharging equipment. He also co-sponsored the law mandating a state study of ways to encourage the use of energy storage devices. He has also led the way in co-sponsoring laws to increase recycling throughout Maryland.  In order to reduce waste, increase recycling and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Rich co-sponsored a bill to create a 5-cent refund and recycling program for beverage containers in Maryland.

Clean air, clean water and healthy food are critical for the people of our State.  Rich is sponsoring new legislation to require the state to study and provide data on animal feeding operations’ compliance with air quality requirements so that we can ensure clean, healthy air for our residents.  He co-sponsored the law creating a tax credit for the donation of fresh farm food, especially organic food, by farms to eligible local organizations for low-income Maryland residents. He co-sponsored a bill to restore funding to the State’s program to fund land preservation initiatives and preserve open space, parks and agricultural land in our state and the law designating additional lands in the state as “state wildlands”. To encourage youth participation in energy conservation initiatives, Rich co-sponsored the law increasing funding for the Chesapeake Bay Trust, which funds projects undertaken by young adults in coordination with non-profits or other organizations involved in conservation and environmental activities.