Madaleno-Jenkins Endorsements

Raskin Endorsement

Representative Jamie Raskin endorsement of Rich Madaleno for Governor

Meet the local Democratic leaders, progressive activists, and organizations from across Maryland who have endorsed Madaleno – Jenkins:

Victory Fund
Congressman Jamie Raskin
Sen. Susan Lee
Sen. Will Smith
Del. Al Carr
Del. Jeff Waldstreicher
Del. Sheila Hixson
Del. Ana Sol-Gutierrez
Del. Karen Young
Del. Jim Gilchrist
Del. Marice Morales
Del. Bonnie Cullison
Del. David Moon
Del. Anne Kaiser
Del. Eric Luedtke
Anne Arundel County Councilmember Chris Trumbauer
Garrett Park Mayor Peter Benjamin
Chevy Chase Mayor Mary Flynn
Chevy Chase Councilmember Barney Rush
Chevy Chase Councilmember and former Montgomery County Councilmember and former Chevy Chase Mayor Scott Fosler
Former Chevy Chase Mayor Kathy Strom
Former Chevy Chase Mayor Pat Burda
Former Chevy Chase Mayor Linna Barnes
Former Chevy Chase Councilmember Vicky Taplin
Former Chevy Chase Councilmember Lance Hoffman
Former Village of Chevy Chase Mayor and former Montgomery County Planning Board member Pat Baptiste
Former Montgomery County Board of Education member Shirley Brandman
Former Montgomery County Planning Board member Meredith Wellington


“In these troubled and chaotic times, we need elected officials who will be beacons, who will help lead us to a better tomorrow. Rich will be that leader.”
Representative Jamie Raskin
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Praise for Madaleno

Join me in my vision for Maryland, where we look toward 2050, not back to 1950.  A vision where we provide a debt-free education, ensure healthcare as a right, and position Maryland as a leader in green jobs and energy.
Rich Madaleno

Senator Madaleno is Montgomery County’s budgetary wizard who translates the progressive priorities of our delegation every day into the dollars and cents of the state budget.

Representative Jamie Raskin D MD 8th District

Since being elected to office, Rich has succeeded in passing vital legislation on economic, education, environmental and transportation issues. He is recognized as the “go-to expert” on budget issues.

The Victory Fund 2017 Endorsement

There are very few people who understand the state’s budgets and its impact on real people as he does and there are even fewer who can make those budget issues make sense to ordinary people.

Pat Murray Former MD Party Executive Director

He is an expert in tax and budget matters and a pioneer in bringing marriage equality to Maryland, and he has been a force in keeping college affordable.

Washington Post 2014 Endorsement

Madaleno has become a one-man truth squad. No one in the legislature has so consistently questioned the governor’s policies and the arguments behind them – especially on fiscal matters.

Josh Kurtz Maryland Matters Blog

Montgomery County Democrat Richard S. Madaleno Jr., is known primarily as the Senate’s fiscal expert, a respected lawmaker with a mastery of the budget, a winning personality.

Washingtonian 2012