A Strong Economy
Under Rich Madaleno’s leadership Maryland will be “Open to the Future”. He will vigorously pursue opportunities for greater economic development throughout our state, capitalizing on its many core competencies in technology, computers, security, analytics, food and manufacturing. He will keep good-paying jobs and bring new, good-paying jobs to Maryland.  

He will develop training programs and partnerships with our educational institutions so that Maryland workers have the skills companies need for the jobs of our future. He will fully fund Maryland’s Partnership for Workforce Quality which funds training for employees in Maryland businesses, especially in the manufacturing and technology sector. 

He will support the state’s growing renewable energy sector with targeted tax assistance, and support the development of 21st century jobs on our Eastern Shore in construction, manufacturing and support services to serve the offshore wind energy project and to manufacture vessels to support offshore wind turbines locally and globally.

Under Rich Madaleno’s leadership Maryland will be “Open to the Future”.

A Strong Economy

Rich will continue to fight for working families by raising the minimum wage in Maryland and seeking earned sick leave for employees. Rich will advocate for tax policies that treat Maryland brick and mortar businesses fairly and bring additional revenue to the state.

A Strong Economy

Rich wants to see all young people “Thrive by 25” and be ready for a career, whether through a certificate program or a college or advanced degree. He will initiate career and technical education and apprenticeship programs to provide training and experience to workers.
Madaleno Record
Rich will continue to fight for working families by raising the minimum wage in Maryland. His successful efforts brought earned sick leave for employees to Maryland through an override of Governor Hogan’s veto of this law. Rich will champion tax policies that are fair and progressive,  treat Maryland brick and mortar businesses fairly and bring additional revenue to the state.

Rich understands that the business, education and labor communities in Maryland can and must work together to build a top notch, well-trained workforce that is prepared for the future. He proposed programs for career and technical education and apprenticeship pilot programs to provide needed training and experience to workers, as well as a tuition waiver program for students seeking vocational certificates and apprenticeship training at community colleges.  He co-sponsored the law requiring State contractors to support Maryland apprenticeship programs. Rich proposed an investment by the State of $1 billion in programs at the University System of Maryland to forge a strong relationship with potential employer Amazon to ensure future employees are ready to work with necessary skills.

Rich understands that to keep good jobs in Maryland it is critical to provide incentives for companies in Maryland to expand in the state.  He has proposed offering Maryland companies state tax credits if they grow jobs in the state and provide wages of at least 150% of the minimum wage. He also co-sponsored legislation to provide tax credits for job creation and to support biotechnology companies and business incubators.

Building on his past leadership to increase the minimum wage to $10.10/hour, Rich sponsored legislation in 2017 and in 2018 to increase the minimum wage to $15.00/hour, and to provide for inflation-indexed increases going forward.  His bill also eliminates the “tipped worker exclusion” so that restaurant and other service workers whose pay includes tips are not subject to a lower minimum wage. 

Rich introduced legislation to support Maryland’s brick and mortar businesses by leveling the playing field with online businesses. When Larry Hogan proposed removing state funding for the new BioMedical Building at the Universities of Shady Grove, Rich successfully fought to restore funding for the project which will bring new job opportunities to Maryland. Rich also co-sponsored the law which provides a preference for American-made goods in state procurements.

Rich’s running mate Luwanda was instrumental in leading several reforms and initiatives which generated record gains in the area of minority and women business inclusion in State contracting, having served as Governor Martin O’Malley’s Special Secretary for The Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs.

A zealous advocate for workers and fair working conditions, Rich co-sponsored the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act which provides for earned sick leave for employees in Maryland, legislation vetoed by Governor Hogan but overridden by the General Assembly this year. Rich also sponsored legislation to provide collective bargaining rights for community college employees as well as state-contracted workers. He has proposed legislation to improve conditions for working families, so that employers would provide advance notice to employees of work schedules and changes to those schedules, and would allow employees to take unpaid leave in order to attend parent-teacher meetings.  He co-sponsored the 2016 law that prohibits wage discrimination or employment conditions based on gender identity. In 2018 he championed successful legislation which provide states employees with parental leave, as well as adoption leave.