Animal Welfare
Rich Madaleno supports the interests of those with no voice — animals — and will continue to protect animals.  He will push for a law to require that animal research labs provide for adoption of dogs and cats after experiments have concluded. 
He will lead the fight to  prevent animal cruelty and require better living and transportation conditions for farm animals.
Rich has a strong record of supporting and advocating for laws to support animal welfare.  He has a 93% rating from the Humane Society Legislative Fund in 2014 for preventing animal abuse and cruelty and supporting programs to promote animal health and well-being.

Rich sponsored the law establishing the Animal Abuse Emergency Compensation Fund, which sets up an emergency animal compensation fund for county animal services departments to tap into when paying for costs of animals impounded under animal abuse and neglect laws. He co-sponsored legislation enacted this year to require research facilities using dogs or cats to provide for the adoption of these animals once experiments are completed. He co-sponsored the law that prohibits possession of instruments of dogfighting, and the law that prohibits allowing dogs to be used for baiting.

Senator Madaleno sponsored a bill to allow animal enforcement agencies to access timely and critical information regarding rabies vaccination when animal service officers respond to calls for stray animals, bite cases and contact with wildlife. Currently no agency in local government, including the animal services agencies, has rabies vaccination information on all dogs, cats and ferrets residing in their jurisdiction.  

Rich voted in favor of the law that prohibits Cownose Ray fishing tournaments, during which cownose rays are caught and sometimes killed for pleasure and entertainmen