An Aging Population
Rich Madaleno believes we must ensure our growing older population has access to critical services to ensure good health care and to maintain quality of life.  And we must ensure that both care recipients and providers receive the respect and dignity they deserve.  Under Rich’s leadership the State would create a new strategic plan to address needs as the aging population increases. 
Rich supports home and community-based services to enable people to live in their own homes as long as possible and will create a caregivers program in Maryland to provide financial support for qualified caregivers and home-based care. 

An Aging Population

Rich co-sponsored the recent law requiring the establishment of retirement savings programs by businesses in Maryland to expand workers’ access to these programs, but the current administration has not yet fully implemented this program.

An Aging Population

Rich will take action to ensure that this program to encourage retirement savings becomes available to Maryland employees. Rich will ensure that the state agencies responsible for preventing and investigating elder abuse have the staffing needed to fulfill these critical responsibilities.
Rich has a proven record of tackling educational challenges and has taken critical action to build high-quality, affordable public education.  A recognized  leader on education in the General Assembly,  Rich has spearheaded initiatives which have improved education in Maryland at every level, from Pre-K through 12 and beyond to college, graduate studies, and career and technical education.

Rich Madaleno has co-sponsored successful legislation to provide needed funding for the construction and renovation of adult day centers, housing for the elderly, and community centers as well as hospice facilities.  Rich co-sponsored the law which requires owners of apartment facilities for seniors to provide at least 180 days’ notice before converting that facility to apartments for the general population.

Rich understands that good nutrition and care are critical for our older population. He sponsored the law which requires the state to ensure that all households with individuals at least 62 years old who receive federal food stamps receive at least $30 per month for food. He sponsored the bill to create a Commission on Long-Term Medical Assistance to assess and improve the process for determining eligibility and payment for such care.

Rich wants to ensure that all Marylanders have adequate resources for support in retirement.  To provide new options for employees to save and to encourage private sector employers to support retirement savings accounts, Rich co-sponsored the law establishing the Maryland Small Business Retirement Savings Program and Trust. This law requires designated Maryland employers to make retirement savings programs available to their employees.

Rich has worked to ensure that elder abuse is prevented and deterred.  He co-sponsored the law which provides prosecutors investigating elder abuse and Medicaid fraud the authority to seek wiretaps.  He also co-sponsored the law that requires the state’s Abuser Registry Workgroup to make recommendations as to steps to deter abuse and neglect in a health care setting.

Rich supports making home and community-based services available to older residents who are able to live at home with assistance.  He co-sponsored a bill to exempt the sale of home wheelchair lifts and stairlifts from the Maryland sales tax.