Affordable Housing
Rich Madaleno believes that housing must be available for all Marylanders. Adequate and affordable housing is essential for our communities and our economy.
Rich will seek to stabilize rents through the establishment of a Rental Housing Commission to keep rental increases in check in our state where approximately one third of all residents are renters.

Affordable Housing

Rich will enforce our laws that prohibit discrimination in housing and will foster community development initiatives throughout our state. Rich will implement a “housing first” program to solve the growing problem of homelessness in our communities.

Affordable Housing

He will implement a long-term plan to increase affordable housing, permanent supportive housing and specialized housing to end both veterans’ homelessness and chronic homelessness which adversely impacts many of the residents, including families, in our state.
Rich Madaleno has taken important steps to improve housing in Maryland, to protect the rights of tenants, to create more affordable housing in our communities, and to address the problem of homelessness.

Rich Madaleno co-sponsored the Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative Program which provides strategic investment in local housing in Baltimore and provides funding for loans and grants to develop neighborhoods with vacant properties. He championed the Rebuilding Baltimore City Communities Act which increases property tax credits for Baltimore residents. He sponsored a bill to increase community developments projects which passed the Senate.

RIch Madaleno co-sponsored the law that protects tenants from losing utility service where the landlord’s failure to pay the utility threatens service. Rich Madaleno proposed a bill to expand rental assistance programs in Maryland by providing for two years of assistance to eligible households benefiting from this necessary support. He supported the establishment of a Rental Housing Stabilization Commission to look at mechanisms to stabilize rental housing and keep rental increases in check in Maryland, where approximately one third of all residents are renters.

To further support the prohibition on discrimination in employment, public accommodations and housing based on race, sex, national origin and other unfair categorizations, Rich co-sponsored the law that prohibits discrimination in housing and public accommodations based on gender identity.  

Rich co-sponsored the law that provides tax relief for qualified mortgage debt in Maryland. He also co-sponsored the law putting consumer protections in place for those seeking reverse mortgage loans.

Rich believes we can find solutions to homelessness in Maryland.  He sponsored the laws creating a Joint Committee on Ending Homelessness and an Interagency Council on Homelessness to recommend strategies to minimize and eliminate homelessness. Rich co-chairs the legislative Joint Committee which has made recommendations to alleviate and end homelessness.